Why invest in guard dog training in Sydney?

Canines are more complicated than most people think, and training one to protect you against potential threats can be complicated, especially when you live in populous areas. If you want to own a dog for guarding, it’s a good idea to get them to undergo guard dog training in Sydney.

When it comes to pet dogs, this type of behavioural conditioning can be a real headache, so it’s important to get a professional involved.

Do you desire a terrific pet and a great guard dog? Are the objectives mutually exclusive? It is not right for everyone, and it is not right for every dog to undertake guard dog training in Sydney. A dog chosen for personal protection must be socialised properly, without an aggressive temperament, and have an interest in his owner’s every move. Dogs that can be used as watchdogs but aren’t capable of protecting themselves aren’t ideal.

So, what should you do if you are certain that you want a personal protection dog and not a pet?

Teach Your Dog Obedience Commands

Teaching your dog fundamental obedience should be your first priority. Your dog should obey all basic orders. When you call him, or give him a command, he should obey every time. Without a leash, your dog must be able to sit and stay. In addition, teach your dog to bark or leave things on demand so that he knows what’s expected of him.

Please keep in mind that if your dog does not regularly follow these orders or if you are unable to teach her additional commands, guard dog training in Sydney may not be the right choice.

Make your dog more social

Guard dog training Sydney

As a last step, make sure your dog is well socialised to not afraid of anything new.

During your daily walks he or she will be exposed to new people and situations. You should bring your dog closer if you spot an unusual object. If your dog doesn’t know what typical pedestrians look like, he won’t know if he’s in danger or whether or not to act aggressively against other people he encounters.

Dogs aren’t all capable of determining who is safe, so they shouldn’t all undergo guard dog training in Sydney.

Barking on command

A key part of guard dog training in Sydney will be teaching your dog to alert you to intruders.

Teaching dogs to bark on command can be difficult. Teaching them when it’s appropriate and when it’s not is hard work.

Guard dog training in Sydney

Find a person the dog has never met before and include them into your training exercises. During the stroll, a “stranger” walks up to your dog and confronts it. Protection gear may may be necessary to keep the person safe from any potential harm. When your dog barks at the other person and you give the command, he should run away. Your dog’s confidence will grow.

Before you start teaching your dog to attack, give it some serious consideration. Keeping a dog as pet when it has been taught to guard is not a good idea for a house pet, so think twice before you do. When it comes to family guard dogs, there are both stories of placid dogs and stories of dogs that have cause injury to members of their own family.

A personal protection dog should not cower or exhibit fear when confronted by a stranger. Training a personal security dog requires a lot of focus on this. If he truly cares about your safety, he’ll never hesitate to alert you to a threat or protect you and your property.