What to Expect When you Pay a Visit to Emergency Dentists Lilydale

Nowadays, dental emergencies are a common occurrence in the world. Most of these cases occur at weird moments and when you least expect them. Imagine after having your nice dinner with your family or friends, then you leave for bed. You experience sharp pain in your tooth and think it’s nothing to worry about. A few moments later, the pain lingers until it’s no longer bearable. Your first thought would be to visit the dentist as soon as possible. However, when it is late in the night, you will try to find home remedies to ease the toothache while waiting for the morning to come.

The above is the most common when it comes to dental emergencies. That said, you should ensure you know the best dentists around you to ensure this experience doesn’t catch you by surprise. The article focuses on what to expect when you get to the emergency dentist Lilydale.

What is considered a dental emergency?

·         Infected tooth

Pain in the tooth is often caused by an infection. The infection can form an abscess in the tooth, and if left untreated, it can cause pain and severe health complications. If you experience intense pain in your tooth and suspect an infection, rush to your emergency dentist Lilydale for treatment.

·         Oral cavity Bleeding

When you experience bleeding gums or teeth, you may be having gingivitis or gum disease. Although this doesn’t accompany a painful experience, it is a dental emergency that needs to be addressed immediately.

·         Mouth sores

Mouth sores present part of the signs of gum diseases. Although abrasions from braces can also cause mouth sores, it is essential to treat the sores as soon as they present themselves. Detecting gum disease early ensures effective treatment.

·         Broken or fallen tooth

Accidents do happen, leading to broken or knocked-out teeth. When this happens, there is no denying that it is a dental emergency. Rushing to your emergency dentist Lilydale will ensure quick treatment and tooth reattachment.

Things an emergency dentist Lilydale does upon visits

Emergency dentists Lilydale

·         Speedy treatment

The obvious thing to expect when visiting a medical facility is prompt treatment. However, you will find that other people came before you and will slow down the time for your treatment. With an emergency dentist Lilydale, you can expect prompt treatment, especially in intense pain. Also, depending on your dental severity, your dentist will advise the best time to attend to you. While awaiting treatment, the dentist will administer or advise how to manage the situation.

·         Dental examination

Once you get to the emergency dentist Lilydale, you will undergo a dental examination. Unlike the conventional exams that only focus on one tooth, an emergency dentist will exclusively examine your oral cavity to find the source of the problem and treat it. The dentist will conduct a thorough search for the problem and provide the best possible treatment and prevent other occurrences. If the emergency dentist is new, you will provide your medical history as well as current medication and treatment.

·         Dental Sedation

A visit to your emergency dentist Lilydale might end up in dental sedation during the treatment. Dental sedation is ideal during dental treatment to ease the pain throughout the process. The dentist can administer anesthetics to numb the area of treatment to prevent feeling pain. Most dentists use local anesthesia during dental procedures. Some patients may not fancy the idea of sedation, and the dentist will oblige. However, those invasive dental procedures may require sedation to ease the pain and discomfort.


Dental disorders can be quite thwarting. It is essential to have an emergency dentist on standby to restore your dental health as quickly as possible. Understanding what to expect is important to eliminate surprises when you arrive at the dentist.