The Top Five Benefits Of Blockout Curtains

Considering installing blockout curtains in your master, lounge or other room in your home but still on the fence? Today we’re going over the top five benefits of these wonderful window finishings where modern style meets sophisticated elegance. Read on to find the information you’ve been searching for to help you make your decision:

Better Sleep Quality

One of the main benefits of blockout curtains when installed in a bedroom is that they can help improve your sleep quality. As a general rule, our bodies are hard-wired to rise with the sun and get tired as it sets, but for many people, this simply doesn’t fit with the schedule that we maintain in modern society. That’s where blockout curtains come in. As the name suggests, their main functional purpose is to block out light and other external stimuli. Their thicker construction gives them a distinct advantage over other window furnishing options (such as blinds for example) as they are better equipped to prevent light and sound from the outside world disturbing your slumber.

Greater Insulation

Unless your aim is to improve the sustainability of your property, a perk of blockout curtains that you may not have considered is their ability to boost the insulation of your room. This leads to greater energy efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact generated by your home and lower power bills. Much like the greater reduction of light and sound mentioned above, this benefit is due to the thicker construction of these window furnishings as it helps keep heat out during Summer, and warmth in during Winter. This is particularly useful in bedrooms as an ideal sleeping temperature is often hard to maintain.

Total Privacy

Blockout curtains

Another great perk of blockout curtains is that unlike other options such as sheers or decorative window furnishings, they provide total privacy for you and your family. Often paired with a sheer to allow light in during the day, blockout curtains can, when desired, completely cut your home off from the outside world. This is particularly beneficial in bedrooms and on street facing windows but provides significant benefit no matter which windows you are dressing.

Luxury Aesthetic

If you’re looking to create a sense of luxury in the room, blockout curtains are the ideal window dressing choice as they provide a certain grandeur that simply cannot be achieved with any other window furnishing. This is due to the top quality feel of such thick fabric coupled with the eye-catching elegance of floor length design. This also helps to soften the feel of the room and add comfort while maintaining a high end finish. Plus, because of the extensive variety of colour and pattern options available, you can be sure that your design will reflect your personality as well, a common factor in the luxury interior design sphere at present. 

Improve Property Value

Finally, thanks to the reasons mentioned above, blockout curtains can provide a decent boost to your property value. Especially in recent years, our homes are our sanctuary and buyers are always hunting for features that improve not only the functionality of the home, but also the comfort, this uniquely positions blockout curtains as the ideal covering for those who may be looking to sell in the near future.

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of these wonderful window furnishing, you should be able to make a better informed decision as to what you wish to dress the windows in your home with. We hope that we have been able to assist you in deciding whether blockout curtains are the right choice for you and your home.