New Services An Outsourced Digital Marketing Company Should Be Providing



Opening a business relationship with a professional SEO company is a surefire sign that you are ready for progress.

Admitting that your organisation needs help in this field is a means of adding an extra string or two to your bow, helping to build on brand momentum and tap into a thriving online community.

Just as every industry in each sector of the commerce world has their own unique selling point, there are digital marketing operations that are relying on traditional methods, and those who are innovating and staying on the cutting edge.

If you are a business that wants to embrace strategies that are fresh in 2018 and will be valuable for the 2019-2020 market and beyond, you need to ensure that your outsourced partner has the skills to take that next step.


Being Transparent on Data Protection

Following a string of stories about data hacking and the abuse of information that can be found with online criminals who find holes in the system, it is inherent upon a digital marketing company to ensure that their client’s customer base is protected. Prior to opting into any agreement or online transaction where personal information needs to be lodged, from a name to email address and phone number, physical address and date of birth, there must be safeguards put in place that are transparently communicated to users. New rules and regulations are being introduced and should you outsource this facet of your business to a third party, they must be up to date on all of the latest data protection software programs.



Streaming Live Video Content

It is one facet to showcase your business with video content, the single most effective form of content there is available to brands on the internet. However, for a viable digital marketing company to be ahead of the game in 2018, there must be projects that demand instantaneous live video streaming where messages and events can be broadcast to followers in real time. Users do find this more engaging and it helps to navigate customers to your page with unfiltered and unfettered access to your domain. Keep tabs on this evolution.


Funnel Marketing

A regular struggle for online brands is the requirement to direct users from one location to the all important landing page. Due to the ever decreasing attention span making that activity more arduous, there are funnel marketing techniques that your digital marketing company should be utilizing. Based off their previous actions, this method provides multiple sales paths to ensure that those customer dollars are never lost.


Chatbot Integration

Customer service is a fundamental aspect to any online business, but it also proves to be a drain on resources. With the advent of the chatbot, an automated message program that allows consumers to consult with Q&A queries in real time, a digital marketing company can keep a brand in sync with modern demands. This evolution might require some further updates to be up to speed with each and every query, but it is a major leap forward for the sake of the all important return on investment (ROI) metric.


Head Hunt Gen Z Consumers

So much of our attention as an online advertising operation has focused on capturing Millennials, and the data that has emanated from this category would suggest that has been a wise decision. However, heading into 2019 there is now a new generation emerging that each and every digital marketing company should be capturing – Generation Z. Those who were born from 1998 all the way until 2016 know nothing else but a digitally-connected world where social media, apps and digital devices are part and parcel of an average lifestyle.


Although some of these consumers will not be old enough to be out shopping today, they will be consuming advertising messages from a tender age. It is worthwhile for enterprises to begin the journey now by integrating marketing content that does not require bringing baby boomers or Gen X customers up to speed.