Moments When a Family Lawyer in Sydney Will Be Concerned About Their Client

Operating as a family lawyers in Sydney can be a tough business.

Negotiating terms of a divorce and attempting to maneuver through child custody battles and household possession is a task that demands a great deal of patience and expertise under pressure.

Yet there are moments when the solicitor will be genuinely concerned about the case, not because of the facts, but due to the behaviours and actions of their client.

This is when they will raise a red flag.

Divorce certificate

Overzealous Contacts

Consistent lines of communication should be formed between lawyers from O’Sullivan Legal family lawyers and their client. From weekly appointments to corresponding via email and phone calls, it is valuable to be updated on the status of a case and notifying if there are important updates. However, there have been events where the stress and tension of the situation has caused overzealous contacts to be made. This will see early morning calls, late night visits and a bombardment of emails sent through. Some solicitors have multiple clients operating simultaneously and they are not on call 24/7.

Forgetting Important Duties

There are a number of tasks that will be on the schedule of a family lawyer in Sydney. From researching and obtaining key documents to acquiring bank statements and credit history to speaking with employers and character references. Yet all of the obligation does not just lie with the solicitor. If the client happens to forget to file important paperwork, sign documents or attend mediation hearings or key appointments, that will be a signal to the legal representative that something is array.

Ignoring Key Advice

A client has no obligation to follow the exact instructions set out by their family lawyer in Sydney. They are merely present to provide their expert counsel and whilst they can argue and persuade for certain types of actions and behaviours, they are not in a position to enforce them. There will be problems though when this counsel is regularly ignored or overlooked. It will only work to damage their case and undermine the credibility of the solicitor to reflect poorly on their work.

Defeatist Attitude

A spouse can feel downbeat and deflated about their position when speaking with their family lawyer in Sydney. Yet this is a state that has to be changed to some degree if there is hope of obtaining a good outcome. It is helpful to offer concessions and try to expedite the process for the benefit of the children and the other spouse, but that should not come at the concession of benefits and entitlements they are owed. A defeatist attitude will be taken on board by the opposing counsel and a judge who might factor that mindset into their ultimate ruling.

Secretly Meeting Opposing Counsel and Spouse

Nothing will concern a family lawyer in Sydney more than discovering their client has been in discussions with the opposing counsel behind their back. Sometimes a spouse will pressure their ex-partner to see them in private in order to expedite the process and come to an early agreement. Whilst that outcome is preferable, it should not come at the expense of waving their personal counsel rights. This is where legally-binding documents can be signed without any awareness if they are operating in good faith.


If a family lawyer in Sydney takes these examples on board, they will have a number of options at their disposal. They can bring aboard a paralegal for further discussions, refer the client onto a mental health professional or simply resign and decide to walk away altogether. That will only add to the stress and tension experienced by the spouse, so it is paramount they respect the process and listen keenly to their expert advice.