Important Things About an LED Mirror

The interior designing world is changing for the better with the inclusion of glass and mirrors for decoration. This is especially true with the advancing technology in the world today. That is why you will see many homes fitted with avant-garde LED mirrors for beauty enhancement, among other purposes. Using these products for decoration is common as they ensure clear visibility while mimicking the natural light. Your reflection in a product like this is much better compared to ordinary products with yellow light distortion. The best thing about LED mirrors is that they can be installed in various places besides homes. These include boutiques, offices, stores, and shop outlets.

This article focuses on the benefits of using this product for your space. Read on to find out what these products entail and their advantages in the sections below.

What is an LED mirror?

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Therefore, an LED mirror is a product that integrates these bulbs on the sides. The main purpose of the fitted bulbs is to provide adequate lighting for the product to improve the reflection. These products have gained more ground in the market because they add an impression of space to your office, homes, boutiques, and other areas. These products are available in various shapes and designs to match their function.

When it comes to décor, a product like this proves to be the most convenient mode available. It delivers brilliance and class in its surrounding. The product is energy-efficient, which is a more desirable feature in the market. Its energy efficiency is also ideal for the environment and cuts down the cost of energy bills.

Types of LED mirrors

LED mirror

LED mirrors come in various types depending on their functions. However, the quality will depend on the manufacturer and the product’s specifications.

1.       Backlit

The backlit is the most common type of this product on the market. It uses a small yet powerful bulb in the product to provide practical lighting in the room. This product’s illumination delivers a clear reflection every time. It provides economic convenience and can be turned off when not in use to save the charge.

2.       Backlit Fluorescent

This type of product uses fluorescent tubing fitted behind the glass, packed with a fixed glass to allow sufficient light in. The light from the product is sufficient to sustain all your needs.

3.       Infinity

This type of product is different from the rest because it uses angled light to make an effect. It provides a stylish and unique appearance in your home and is best used in the bathroom.

4.       Heated demister

This type of product is perfect for bathroom spaces.  The back is fitted with a demisting heat plug that inhibits moisture accumulation and condensation.

5.       Vanity

Vanity products incorporate bulbs all around to ensure perfect lighting for a better reflection. These are the most energy-efficient LED mirrors because they work for years with low maintenance.

Ideal places to install LED mirrors

Where you place the LED mirror matters a lot. Often, the products are suitable for the bathroom to bring out a stylish and modern appearance of the space. Other people place the lighted products in the bedroom for decoration. It is also ideal for people who apply their makeup and dress up in the bedroom.

These products are also ideal for the office as decoration. Boutiques also benefit from using these products because they enable the clients to look at themselves when fitting the outfits. These lights are also best placed in areas with dim lights to amplify the lighting in the space.


Installing LED mirrors is the perfect solution for many spaces as they provide a modern approach to the existing décor.