How to Install Artificial Turf Sydney

Many homeowners have recently transitioned to using artificial turf Sydney. The reasons behind the transition are many. For instance, artificial grass is cost-effective as it requires the least amount of maintenance throughout the years. Also, with synthetic grass, you are guaranteed durability for years to come. These, among other benefits, make artificial turf an impressive solution for perfect lawns, pitches, and arenas.

If you have decided to go with the fake grass anyway, then you should learn a few tricks to help save an extra coin. Things like installing your lawn and caring for it to ensure longevity are essential. These are essential if you want to do the installation yourself. Here is a complete guide for installing artificial turf Sydney.

Requirements for Laying Artificial Turf Sydney

Installing fake grass is not an easy task. There are plenty of processes and tools involved to ensure the grass is laid properly. You will not experience unraveling issues if you follow the artificial turf Sydney installation guidelines below. But first, here are the tools needed for the task.

  • Shovel
  • Cutter
  • Stanley knife
  • Tape
  • Grass Adhesive
  • Tape measure
  • Weed membrane
  • Compacting planks or rollers
  • Galvanized nails (ground pins)
  • Hammer
  • Stiff brush or broom
  • Gloves

Things to remember

Synthetic grass is laid onto a hard surface like tarmac or concrete. However, before installing the grass, you can lay down a foam layer on the surface beneath. The foam pad will offer additional cushioning for the fake lawn and ensure proper drainage amidst the heavy downpour.

When laying the fake grass on concrete, ensure the surface is even with perfect drainage options. Using an underlay in this option is highly recommended, however, to ensure your fake turf looks magnificent all year round.

Some people may ask if they can lay their turf on decking. The answer is a simple yes. However, you should ensure the decking is strong enough and fresh. Use an underlay as well as weed membrane to ensure your artificial turf Sydney remains in perfect shape throughout the years.

Installing artificial turf

·         Planning and clearing

Before embarking on the installation project, you first have to ensure the area is well planned out. This includes making sure there are no visible cables or water pipes around the digging area. Using a turf cutter, extract turf to a 2-inch depth, removing pebbles, rocks, and any form of obstruction. Then place your preferred base.

·         Form an edge

Artificial turf Sydney

This is an optional process where you can use edging timber. Level the edging to the final turf line to enable the water to run off. Hammer the edging deeper into the soil using a piece of wood.

·         Lay the base

Start with applying granite dust around the area. Using a piece of timber, drag the dust or sand on the area to ensure a smooth surface. Make sure the surface doesn’t exceed 20mm when using sand.

·         Spread weed membrane

Apply weed membrane on the compacted base and hold it in place with galvanized steel nails. Doing so inhibits weed growth and enables water drainage. You can trim the excess membrane on the edges and attach the edges with gaffer tape if joining is required.

·         Place the artificial turf and shape the edges

Take out your artificial turf Sydney and unroll it over the area without moving the weed membrane. Allow the turf to settle, then shape the edges using your Stanley knife. Pin down the turf using landscaping pins.

·         Apply finishing touches

At this stage, you will remove any dirt on the newly installed synthetic turf using a brush. Also, the stiff broom straightens the fibers. After that, you are all set to start enjoying your artificial lawn.


Laying down artificial turf can be easy with the right tools and steps. If you don’t feel up to the task, you can always call in an expert to help.