How to Deal with Different Kinds of Rubbish Removal in Sydney

What you do when you need to take care of your rubbish removal Sydney procedure will largely depend on what kind of garbage you have to take care of. Green waste, for example, will be dealt with in a different way to industrial chemicals. This article will explain what to do with the four main types of rubbish removal you might do in Sydney.


Green waste

Green waste comes from plants. Usually this will be things like grass clippings, branches pruned from trees and other gardening off cuts. This stuff all decomposes eventually, so what you do it is less important than the kinds of garbage I will discuss later, but generally it’s easiest to either spread it on your own garden again to serve as compost or just put it in the green bin for council collections.

Household junk

Routine garbage and “one off” clear outs both fit under this category. For the regular stuff (food scraps, containers etc.) use your council bins – but remember to put everything in the correct bins (paper bin, recycling bin, everything else) to make sure that it is treated properly and recycled if possible.

When you are dealing with a bigger rubbish removal in Sydney (say changing your furniture over) it can be harder to work out what to do. While many councils around the city offer the occasional pick-up service, if you need to get rid of your stuff when there isn’t one coming up then you will have trouble.

You could just call for a rubbish removal service in Sydney, but if you don’t want to pay the money then you will need to work out what to do. The majority of old furniture and broken white goods can be taken to the tip, but it’s better to donate them (if they are still usable) or recycle all of the parts you can. A refrigerator, for example, has a lot of metal parts that can be sold for scrap.

General office junk also falls under the household waste category. Usually office garbage will simply be paper and furniture, so treat it the same way as you do at home.

household waste

Construction rubble

Construction sites can end up with a lot of rubbish for removal in Sydney – particularly if demolition is involved as well. You can end up with rubble and leftover materials all over the site, as well as a lot of earth and rock to move – and if you’re really unlucky you might find hazardous substances like asbestos.

Dealing with the rubble at a work site is essential for safety reasons, as well as the purely practical reason that if the site is full of garbage then it is difficult to get your work done. Construction rubbish removal in Sydney is highly regulated, both because a lot of the materials are reusable and because it doesn’t degrade. Rubble, for example, is often used in laying road beds. You need to look up the rules for your type of waste when you try and dispose of it.


Industrial waste

Industrial by-products and chemicals are also very highly regulated, but for the opposite reason to construction rubble. The waste in this case can be highly toxic, both to people and the environment, so it is vital to dispose of chemicals properly when you do industrial rubbish removal in Sydney.

Different kinds of rubbish removal in Sydney are affected by different laws. With green waste you can pretty much just throw it out or put it in your garden bed, but construction and industrial by-products are treated very differently. Household and office junk is in between the two – you should recycle as much as you can, but there is very little enforcement.