A Guide On Picking Custom Printed Balloons

If you’re in the process of organizing an event, like a family birthday party, a Christmas party or an office function, you want to make sure that you are picking the best party accessories for your event! One of the best additions to any party is custom printed balloons. There are many great advantages of ordering a delivery of inflatables; however, you need to ensure that style you choose blends seamlessly with the style of your party. So, if you are in the process of planning a personal party or a corporate event, be sure to check out this comprehensive guide on selecting custom printed balloons.


Know which ones you want

It’s not just a matter of picking the most colourful and bright inflatables for your party. Instead, you want to pick the most suitable custom printed balloons for your celebration. If you are celebrating a company achievement, consider inflatables that have the logo stamped onto the surface, using company colours.

Alternatively, if you are planning someone’s birthday party, ordering inflatables in their favourite colour and with their age stamped on them is always a nice touch.


Bolster the aesthetic appeal of your party

Custom printed balloons can add to the aesthetic appeal of your event. They complement the festivities with nice visual scenery. Furthermore, there are multiple ways in which your inflatables can be arranged so as to accentuate your party’s visual style.

Indeed, you could consider stationing your inflatables into columns, which could be placed strategically throughout your hosting venue. You could place columns at entrance ways so your guests know where to go, or you could place a bouquet of inflatables on dining tables as a form of decoration. Your accessories can even be moulded to form an archway, which could be a nice way to ‘welcome’ your guest to the event.


Pick the best

woman surrounded with white balloons

You need to pick the best quality inflatables when it comes to your party. Indeed, you want inflatables that are made from the best quality latex, where images are stamped onto the surface using the ‘impress’ method. This method is regarded as the most effective and durable, ensuring that your custom printed balloons remain robust and clear throughout the entire event. The last thing you want is the image on your accessories fading during the event. You also want your order quickly – you don’t want to be waiting for weeks for your delivery to arrive.


Use them effectively

Where you position your inflatables is really important, particularly from a marketing perspective. This is because your inflatables shouldn’t just be seen as a form of decoration, especially if you’re hosting a corporate networking event. In fact, your accessories can be used to enhance your brand’s visibility and awareness within the public space. What it does is create another touch point with a client, which essentially gives you another opportunity to reinforce your client base and enhance your sales.

Likewise, using custom printed balloons is also really helpful when it comes to bolstering your business’ reputation. A lot of clients will view your firm favourably if you’re willing to spend money on inflatables. This is because only the most successful companies indulge in flashy corporate events and accessories.


Look for environmental awareness

A business that is focused on environmental sustainability is one that likely cares for its client base. When ordering a delivery of custom printed balloons, be on the lookout for companies that source only environmentally friendly materials when designing their products. Look for things like latex that is biodegradable, as this means it doesn’t hurt the environment. Be sure to also check how they dispose of their materials. Regular inflatables have been linked to issues within marine and land ecosystems!