7 Investment Incentives For Backing Carbon Growth Partners

Investors who see the advantages and potential of supporting a climate finance body like Carbon Growth Partners will recognise what they stand to gain by backing the venture. This is an opportunity to assess what incentives are in play for the brand and those that become official stakeholders. 

1) Collaborative Investment Approach 

One of the key advantages for backing Carbon Growth Partners is that they are an organisation that uses a collaborative approach to its investment strategy, ensuring they are dealing with stakeholders from a range of bodies and environments along the way. Whether it is government institutions to private businesses, community groups, NGOs, investors, policymakers and more, they recognise that the best tactics are designed when there is input from a variety of fields of knowledge and expertise. 

2) Focus on Financial Success 

Just because Carbon Growth Partners have an ecological focus to their investment strategy, that does not come at the cost of stakeholders and clients enjoying quality returns. By investing in high integrity carbon assets, this is a mechanism to drive profits in an industry that is undertaking significant growth and capital progress. It is important for vehicles of this nature to achieve both outcomes and ensure that a capital approach works for those who are conscious about the environment. 

3) Protecting the Most Vulnerable 

New investors who are considering a more sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise to support will look at this brand as a way of supporting the most vulnerable members of the community and areas that really require assistance on the ground. Restoration is only something that is required if there has been a level of impact and devastation in the first place. People in these communities are the ones who feel the impact and effects of climate change the most and by investing in sustainable and renewable projects, action will be taken to rectify these ongoing problems. 

4) Quality Results Already Generated 

If there happens to be any doubt or speculation about what Carbon Growth Partners can actually deliver as an investment vehicle, then the results will simply speak for themselves. This is an organisation that has already worked to finance 25 million tonnes of emissions reductions and delivered a 70% internal rate of return (IRR) on investment, all within the last 12 months of operation. Each of these steps have contributed to a far more dynamic carbon market that is not stuck with old limitations of thinking. 

5) Industry Support 

No entity in this type of industry can achieve returns on their one. In this kind of space, Carbon Growth Partners has been welcomed by other sponsors, partners and backers who recognise and validate the work they have been doing. Their partners include:

  • RIAA (Responsible Investment Association Australasia)
  • PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)
  • Carbon Market Institute
  • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) 
  • AIMA (The Alternative Investment Management Association) 

6) First-Class Leadership Team 

What underpins the success of Carbon Growth Partners are the people who helm the enterprise. Collectively, there is over one hundred years of industry experience that the body is leaning on as they ensure a robust and tactical approach to sustainable investment platforms. 

The team is comprised of:

  • CEO Richard Gilmore
  • Chief Strategy Officer Stephanie Russo
  • Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Choong
  • Chief Investment Officer John Coffeng
  • Chief Organisation Officer Eric Love
  • Chief Impact Officer Charles Bedford 

7) Diversifying Investment Portfolio 

For those individuals and groups who are eager to get involved with Carbon Growth Partners, they know that this option can be one of many depending on their portfolio size and their financial objectives. Given the growth and success of the enterprise to date, there is a willingness to bank on this momentum, yet options remain open for those that wish to mix and adapt their climate finance maneuvers.