3 Benefits Of Using Cloudflare Security For Business

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Cloudflare security for business has become more and more popular over the years as companies realise its benefits and importance. Cloudflare security for business is made for website protection and infrastructure. It can ensure and reinforce the external parts of your website, API and application. The primary purpose of this software is to help to protect what is yours on the Internet, as well as ensuring your resources and assets are secure. According to Crosspoint Telecom, this software provides protection, performance and reliability in a number of different ways.

Some of these include DDoS protection, firewall, rate limiting, bot management, VPN and many more. These are all crucial factors which combine together to create a strong form of protection against any external threats which could affect the operation of your website. Many people start companies every year, and with a company, you will need an online presence to succeed. However, there are a lot of threats that can affect you digitally, and as such you will need some form of protection against these online threats.

Here are 3 benefits of using Cloudflare security for business.

It stops brute force and hacking attempts

Cloudflare security for businesses can help to stop one of the most common forms of cybercrime, hacking. Every single year, companies are brute-forced and/or hacked into, and sensitive data and financial information is stolen, leading to millions of dollars’ worth of damages. This is a serious problem for any company with an online presence, and as such, Cloudflare security for business is required to provide protection. Cloudflare security for business being able to stop brute-forcing and hacking attempts will mean that you will significantly lower the chances of your company losing money due to cybercrime, as well as lowering the chances of a serious threat that affects companies across the world every single year.

Increases the performance of your website

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Using Cloudflare security for business can help to increase the performance of your website. This is because it uses its own Content Delivery Network (CDN), and it increases the site’s performance by up to 50%. It makes the website load significantly faster, which is important. Furthermore, it does not make the website URL have CDN in front of it, and when switching over, it simply switches you to your new host immediately. There are also no issues to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is very important to any company. Cloudflare security for business can provide this incredible increase in performance and is very easy to switch over to. As such, it is well worth it to use it for your company website.

Save server bandwidth

Cloudflare security for business will help to filter out any spam bot traffic which can occur on your company website. Why is this helpful? Well, many website hosts will change the bandwidth based on how much traffic you are getting and having a lot of spam bot traffic will mean you are paying for more bandwidth for no real reason. Filtering it out will mean you will only be paying for what you actually need, for real traffic from real users. You will be saving money in the long term as a result of investing into Cloudflare security for business.

In summary, Cloudflare security for business can provide many benefits, including stopping brute forcing and hacking attempts, increasing the performance of the website and saving server bandwidth. These are all important for any company and will be advantageous for all. It would be smart to look into it for your company if you have an online presence.