The Most Unique Wedding Venues in Australia

Ah, Aussie land. Such a beautiful sight to see and one amazing destination to those who want to get married.
Now, if you’re an Aussie resident, you’re considered one of the luckiest people in the world, all because you have access to such beautiful locations and settings within the country. If you’re a foreigner, it might cost you a lot more dimes, but you still have access to this wondrous country.

Australia is romantic. What an understatement. It is also considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and you won’t understand how romantic it can be unless you visit it.

With tons of beaches to choose from, all along the shores of Australia, you’re in for quite the treat.


The Top 5 Wedding Venues in Australia

1. The Yarrangobilly Caves House

We know you’ve probably never thought about it before, but what about a wedding in a cave? It sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s considered a popular, and unique wedding venue in Australia. Not only will your wedding be unique, but you’ll feel closer to nature than ever before.

Minus the creepiness of what a cave can be, the Yarrangobilly Cave is made from tranquil limestone and is one of the most beautiful caves you’ll ever come across in your life. It has delicate decorations, such as cave corals, shawls and offers a ton of adventure for your wedding, all blissfully created 440 million years ago. So, if you’re worried about being too ‘simple’, you can be ensured that no one will ever be able to top your wedding venue now!

2. The Elegant Substation

Located in Melbourne and considered the classiest wedding venue you’ll ever come across, the Substation is the venue every couple is looking for. The setting is filled with art organisations and is also filled with art exhibits, making it, above all else, interesting too.

The setting is complete with many visual galleries and can hold many guests, all to complete the lavish wedding of your dreams.

3. Tenth & Gibson Wedding Venue

Even though you might, or might not, be an Aussie, you’re still able to embrace your inner countryside, and since county-inspired weddings are the favorite wedding theme, why not give Tenth & Gibson a chance.

This unique country-inspired wedding venue is perfect for those who want a country-inspired wedding, which can be designed from the inside out, according to your preferences. With up to 200sqm space inside the venue, you’ll also be able to invite the number of guests you want.

4. The Glasshaus

Picture this. A tranquil wedding, inside a greenhouse. Talk about getting in tune with nature. With tons of flowers and enough green to go around, this romantic venue is perfect for those who want to add an added effect of romance to their wedding.

With a flowery themed wedding, you’ll be the talk of the town; all finished off with the most perfect interior design and styling.